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GPUs/SoCs for Safety Critical

When it comes to challenges in bridging the lifecycle gap between avionics and automotive systems and commercial semiconductors, CoreAVI has a proven track record in providing solutions. Beyond component obsolescence management, we provide additional value-added capabilities including temperature screening, comprehensive software, and safety evidence to address extended operating environment and the high levels of safety standards.

We provide:

  • Extensive software support
  • Graphics and compute drivers and libraries to enable real-time operating systems and high reliability embedded platforms
  • Support for a wide range of multicore configurations, hypervisor systems featuring multiple guest OSes and secure time and space partitioning.
  • GPU virtualization manager to enable the efficient, safe, and secure use of a single graphics processor utilized across multiple independent operating systems and applications.
  • Single board computers and graphics hardware IP designs available for rapid time to production
  • Product support for hardware and software safety certification, including EUROCAE/RTCADO-254, DO-178C DAL A, ISO 26262 ASIL D, IEC 61508 SIL 3, and more
  • Supply of standard and extended temperature screened devices for high reliability systems
  • Lifecycle obsolescence management with long term supply programs
  • Support for NXP, Intel/AMD x86 and ARM, as well as other CPU and FPGA architectures.

Not all supported GPUs/SoCs are listed below. Please contact for all available options.

Scalable Power-Performance
Safe Graphics and Video
Safe GPU Compute
FuSA & Safety Certification
Long term supply and support
Arm Mali-G78AE

(silicon provided by Arm partners)

GPU IP Vendor specific
AMD E9171


MCM 6W to 35W
AMD E8860


MCM 9W to 32W
AMD E4690


MCM 15W to 32W
AMD M9 / Radeon 9000 MCM 10W to 28W
AMD G Series


MCM 5W to 28W
Intel 11th Generation
(Intel Xe graphics)
SoC 12W to 25W
Intel 11th Generation
(Intel Xe graphics)
SoC 12W to 25W
Intel Gen9 Graphics

Intel Apollo Lake E3900 (HD Graphics 500, HD Graphics 505)

Intel Skylake
(HD Graphics 510 – 580)

SoC 6W to 105W
Intel Gen7 Graphics

IvyBridge (HD Graphics 4000)

Baytrail E3800(HD Graphics)

Haswel(HD 5000)

SoC 4W to 90W
NXP i.MX 8


SoC 2W to 10W
NXP S32V234 SoC 2W to 6W
NXP i.MX6 SoC 1W to 6W
VIVANTE GC880, GC2000, GC3000, GC7000, other GPU IP Vendor specific

Support for Arm’s Mali-G78AE GPU

The Mali-G78AE GPU IP is Arm’s first high performance GPU designed with Functional Safety.

CoreAVI’s VkCore Functional Safety Suite provides support for Arm’s Mali-G78AE GPU. The VkCore Functional Safety Suite is a packaged Safety Element out of Context (SEooC) implementation of industry standard graphics drivers and libraries developed to meet ISO 26262-1:2018 ASIL D, IEC 61508 SIL3 and DO-178C Level A. The suite provides CoreAVI’s VkCore® SC (Vulkan) driver, TrueCore™, and either VkCoreGL® SC2 (OpenGL SC 2.0) or VkCoreGL® SC1 (OpenGL SC 1.0) library for the Mali-G78AE GPU.

Supplier of Temperature Screened versions of AMD’s Discreet GPUs and SoCs

CoreAVI is a special value-added reseller for AMD Radeon™ E4690, E8860, and E9171 GPUs, addressing component obsolescence with 20+ year availability along with industrial temperature screening to address rugged operating environment requirements.

AMD’s E9171 is their newest embedded GPU and is supported by CoreAVI’s VkCore SC Vulkan-based graphics and compute driver, VkCoreGL SC application libraries, and associated products. The E9171 GPU is also an integral part of our hardware IP designs, providing state of the art graphics and compute capabilities.

The E4690, E8860 GPUs and G Series SoC are supported by CoreAVI’s fully featured safety certified OpenGL drivers and supporting products. CoreAVI provides long term software, supply, and certification support for all supported AMD GPUs and SoCs.

Supplier of Temperature Screened Intel 11th Generation i7-1186GREC-RT SoC and Intel HD Graphics

CoreAVI’s Platforms for Safety Critical Applications, including our Vulkan-based graphics and compute driver suite, OpenGL SC application libraries, ComputeCore suite of compute libraries, Open VX 1.3 SC neural network feature set, safety certifiable bootloader, BIOS, and SoC tools, provide support for Intel 11th Generation i7-1186GREC-RT SoC with Intel Iris Xe graphics. CoreAVI is also a value added reseller for Intel 11th Generation i7-1185GREC-RT & i7-1186GREC-RT.

CoreAVI provides RTCA DO-178C, EUROCAE ED-12C, ISO 26262-1:2018 and IEC 61508 safety certification packages. This allows system manufacturers in aerospace, defense, industrial and automotive markets to deploy Intel HD graphics and SoC architectures in real-time and safety critical systems.

Support for NXP

NXP’s system on chip processors offer customers scalable multicore platforms that include single-, dual- and quad-core families based on the Arm® Cortex™ architecture. These SoCs provide mil-aero and automotive customers an efficient power profile architecture that is ideal for very low-power display systems that require sophisticated graphics, such as next generation panel-mount and portable avionics devices, cabin control and instrumentation displays.

CoreAVI supports the i.MX 8 with a safety certifiable graphics and compute driver solution for the integrated GPU. The i.MX 8 is supported by VkCore SC, CoreAVI’s safety critical Vulkan implementation, as well as VkCoreGL SC1 and VkCoreGL SC2 OpenGL SC 1.0.1 and SC 2.0 certifiable graphics driver library suites. The drivers are available as standard product developed by CoreAVI.

CoreAVI supports the S32V234 and i.MX 6 SoCs with our OpenGL SC graphics drivers and safety certification evidence.

Don’t see what you need? Please contact us at to determine if we can help support your certifiable application needs.