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Central, Dominant Presence in the Safety Critical Aerospace Market

CoreAVI’s products are flying in aerospace programs across the globe, bringing 20+ years of experience with safety criticality to the aviation industry.

On the cutting edge of modern aerospace

Our team of highly skilled engineers is second to none in safety critical aerospace technology.

Safety Certification Experts

Our products have achieved formal EASA and FAA safety certification and are entrenched in a wide range of globally deployed DO-178C and DO-254 certified avionics systems.

Strategic Partnerships

Products deployed in leading defense systems include technology from key technology suppliers such as AMD, NXP, ARM, and Intel.

Accelerating Innovation

With patented technologies and commitment to innovation, CoreAVI leads the way in next gen Aerospace R&D.

Learn more about our Civil Avionics capabilities

CoreAVI’s complete Platforms for Safety Critical Applications are DO-254/ED-80/DO-178C/ED-12C safety certifiable to Design Assurance Level (DAL) A. We work directly with the FAA to review product designs and concepts to ensure that our products attain certification compliance.
CoreAVI’s revolutionary safety certifiable platforms allow integrators to source everything their system needs including hardware IP, graphics and compute drivers, firmware and real time operating systems, all from one vendor. This greatly reduces cost, risk, and time to market, eliminating the integration headaches associated when components are sourced from multiple vendors.

CoreAVI’s products are certified to the highest Design Assurance Level (DAL A) and are flying in tens of thousands of systems in a variety of business aircraft (FAA regulation Part 23 and EASA 14 FR Part 23), commercial transport aircraft (FAA Part 25, EASA 14 CFR Part 25), and rotorcraft (FAA Part 27, EASA CFR Part 27) around the world.

CoreAVI supports the state-of-art components (hardware and software) needed for the high performance, mission critical requirements of these platforms. CoreAVI’s experience with DO-178 and DO-254 DAL A provides OEMs and system integrators with ready-made certified building blocks to lower costs and to reduce integration risks.

Don’t see what you need? Please contact us at to determine if we can help support your certifiable application needs.