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COTS-D Hardware IP

COTS-D, or COTS Designs are CoreAVI’s single board computers and graphics hardware solutions, designed to be certifiable to DO-254/ED-80. With COTS-D solutions, integrators are granted a license to manufacture the designs in their own manufacturing facility or a contract manufacturer of their choice. The license includes the data for the design which is transferred to the integrator in the form of a comprehensive Technical Data Package (TDP), from which the design can be manufactured, supported and maintained as with any other internally developed product. This approach to manufacturing safety critical hardware meets requirements for in-country investment and control for secure supply and repair. COTS-D provides the same time-to-market benefits and provides greater flexibility in meeting unique requirements compared to traditional COTS solutions.

COTS-D products are designed to DO-254 compliant development processes and relevant FAA and EASA guidance and are supported by software developed to DO-178C for firmware, board support packages, compute, graphics, safety monitoring and other required components. All COTS-D products are offered with DO-254 certification evidence to be used in conjunction with other evidence supporting the system certification. Designed and developed in the same manner as traditional COTS hardware solutions, COTS-D products are verified and qualified prior to the IP being available for manufacture.

COTS-D hardware IP:

  • Offers you low risk safety certifiable hardware
  • Allows you to build it yourself using your manufacturing capabilities
  • Allows you to modify it to meet your unique requirements
  • Offers you a lower cost solution than your competitors
  • Provides you with the latest technology

Service integration and other services are available to address other form factors. Please contact CoreAVI for more information.

The following are our available COTS-D SBC and graphics modules:

Don’t see what you need? Please contact us at to determine if we can help support your certifiable application needs.