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Industrial IoT

Modern Display and Compute Systems for Industrial IoT

CoreAVI brings years of experience with safety critical hardware and software to the industrial sector.

Safety Critical Operations

Industrial IoT integrators and manufacturers look to CoreAVI’s Platforms for Safety Critical Applications to enable the safe use of GPUs in railway, robotics, medical, and nuclear subsystems.

Solve integration problems with a single supplier

Our safety critical platforms enable users to source all system needs, from hardware to graphics and compute drivers, all from CoreAVI.

Building on years of safety critical knowledge

Our depth and breadth of experience in various safety critical and functional safety markets ensure that our products attain the highest levels of certification compliance.

Accelerating Innovation

We continuously invest in the development of new safety critical technologies, providing the foundation companies need to grow and scale.

Learn more about our Safety Critical Industrial IoT capabilities

The continued advancements and mass deployments of autonomous technologies in all industrial and transportation market segments has drastically increased demands for electronics to adhere to functional safety standards. Railway transportation systems are replacing traditional mechanical and manual systems with complex electronic subsystems that require safety certification to EN 50128 and EN 50129 standards. These standards, which define the safety requirements of software for railway applications such as communication, signaling and processing for railway control and protection systems, are based on the IEC 61508 functional safety standard for electronic equipment.  Similarly, the industrial, nuclear, and robotics sectors are requiring a higher level of performance in their vision systems, sensing, monitoring and control systems while maintaining IEC 61508 standards. The medical industry, which heavily relies on safe and secure software for thousands of diagnostic and therapeutic devices, must adhere to the IEC 62304 certification standard for medical devices, which is also based on IEC 61508 functional safety standards. As a result, all these industries today have a higher degree of dependency on software applications with safety critical functions.

One of the critical factors in the design of modern display and compute systems is the availability and assurance of information. Because safety information cannot be reliably communicated unless a system can be trusted to operate in a predictable manner, applications and displays that can function deterministically in real-time are integral to highly reliable systems.  CoreAVI brings years of experience with safety criticality and reliability in the avionics and automotive markets to the railway, industrial, robotics, nuclear, and medical industries.  Our depth and breadth of experience in various safety certification markets ensure that our products attain certification compliance, thereby reducing schedule, cost and risk for our customers.

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