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Computer Vision – Vulkan Compute

Computer vision consists of autonomous or augmented applications requiring a safe and robust computer vision framework. CoreAVI offers a suite of algorithms and libraries, developed to the most stringent safety standards, used to facilitate advanced computer vision.

CoreAVI’s VkCoreVX™ SC is based on Khronos’ safety critical OpenVX API, an industry standard providing safety critical computer vision and artificial intelligence functions. The computer vision subset provides algorithms for performing crucial pre-processing and post-processing tasks on the sensory data streams being analyzed. This collection of computer vision algorithms (edge detection, Sobel filters, optical flow, etc.) and neural network inferencing engines provide a true safety certifiable software stack that facilitates powerful computer vision executing on modern GPUs.

VkCoreVX SC computer vision subset:

  • Gaussian Filtering
  • Laplacian Pyramids
  • Convolution Filters
  • Median Filters
  • Box filter
  • NonLinearFilter
  • Histogram
  • OpticalFlow
  • Etc


ComputeCore runs on CoreAVI’s Vulkan SC driver, which provides the foundation for performance acceleration of safety critical GPU Compute. GPU Compute is the application of a modern GPU’s data-level parallelism through many-core SIMD engines to solve high volume computations. It is the basis for modern data processing, machine learning and computer vision systems.


ComputeCore offers the following features and benefits:

  • A safety critical compute framework that provides the building blocks to enable accelerated compute and autonomous systems using the Vulkan® SC API.
  • Provides safety critical accelerated vector and matrix math operations by implementing the industry standard BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms) functions.
  • Is the mathematical foundation of CoreAVI’s Safe AI and computer vision platform.
  • Provides a safety critical implementation of Fast Fourier Transform.
  • ComputeCore provides an extension framework for implementing custom, application-specific vision algorithms which may not be available through the VkCoreVX SC APIs.
  • Empowers applications to target the GPU for both graphics and compute simultaneously and with high performance parallel processing capability.
  • Facilitates the transition to safety certifiable Vulkan Compute from commercial OpenCL® or CUDA®.
  • Ideal for safety critical applications such as signal processing and image processing applications that require object detection, tracking optimization and analysis.
  • Ideal for a wide range of machine learning and autonomous applications such as neural network inferencing, ADAS, sensor fusion, augmented vision systems, signal processing, detection and analysis, image processing, security monitoring, encryption, and more.
  • Designed from the ground up for real time and safety certification. Contains no open source components and no 3rd party software.
  • Available with CertCore™26262 ISO 26262 Accredited Safety Assessment Certificate ASIL D and CertCore™178 (DO-178C / ED-12C Avionics) DAL A safety certification package.

ComputeCore is offered in conjunction with engineering services to facilitate the migration of existing CPU/FPGA/OpenCL/CUDA compute functions or algorithms to Vulkan SC and incudes the completion of required regulatory safety certification evidence.

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