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Graphics Solutions

CoreAVI has a strong pedigree of providing state-of-the-art safety critical embedded graphics solutions. Our Vulkan-based graphics and compute driver, VkCore SC, is the foundation of all our modern graphics solutions.

Why Vulkan?

Vulkan SC is a next-gen safety critical graphics and compute API introduced by the Khronos group. Built from the ground up for parallel processing, Vulkan is a revolutionary, high efficiency, open standards API that provides a wide, flexible, low level GPU access to modern GPUs. It provides enhanced functionality with increased performance and flexibility. Vulkan not only reduces CPU workload, but also provides multi-threading capabilities, and moves management of some functions to the application layer allowing more control with less overhead to provide performance gains. Vulkan is suited for a wide variety of applications currently supported by OpenGL and OpenCL or CUDA®.

Use Cases

Safe HMI Cockpit

In modern commercial and military aircraft cockpits, multifunction touchscreen displays have replaced the gauges and indicators used in the past. High performance SoCs are being used to not only convey basic safety critical information to pilots such as altitude, speed and bearing, but to achieve augmented vision and improved situational awareness in a human-machine-interface (HMI) that allows the pilot to visually interpret large amounts of disparate information. This information can be provided via mounted displays, head-up displays or in-helmet visualization systems.

In-vehicle Displays

Every new model year brings vehicles with an increasing number of displays often with a safety critical requirement. These include the instrument cluster, head-up displays, mirror replacement displays and even A-pillar screens to reduce blind spots. As the vehicle driver is becoming increasingly reliant on this graphical information to make fundamental decisions, these use cases present safety content along with mechanisms to ensure that the electronics driving the display adheres to ISO 26262-1:2018 safety standards. In some cases, such systems are required to display information that is both safe and non-safe which adds additional design constraints and complexity. These systems will continue to push the envelope in complexity through increased performance and safety requirements to meet the expectations of the market.


CoreAVI’s Platform for Safety Critical Applications (PSCA) is built on VkCore SC, our Vulkan graphics and compute driver, and includes all the building blocks needed to build safety critical visualization applications such as safe HMI cockpits and in-vehicle instrument clusters enabling a rich and immersive user experience with safe 2D, 3D and video capabilities. With PSCA, customers can obtain all the building blocks – including hardware IP, semiconductors, graphics and compute drivers, firmware, and even development hardware – right from CoreAVI. Having a single source for all these pre-integrated components reduces risk, speeds time to certification and product launch, and prevents integration challenges.

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