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CoreAVI’s Flight Critical Software Featured in Advanced Computing, Vision, and Display Platforms throughout the Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit (AAAA)

Nashville, Tennessee, April 26, 2023: CoreAVI announced today that its safety critical Vulkan®SC™-based graphics and compute software portfolio that powers the next generation of computing and graphics processors is on display at this year’s Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit (AAAA) in Nashville, Tennessee. AAAA is a yearly landmark army aviation event that brings the entire military community together to network, share information, and see the world’s leading avionics technology.

CoreAVI and Boeing have collaborated to provide a demonstration of Boeing’s Geospatial Embedded Mapping Software (GEMS) utilizing CoreAVI’s graphics and compute software portfolio. Leveraging FACE (Future Airborne Capability Environment) architectures and compliant with open standards, the advanced digital map demonstration system is comprised of CoreAVI’s VkCore® SC (Vulkan SC) driver suite, COTS-D AMD E9171-based graphics module, and Linux operating system. Attendees can view the system in the U.S. Army PEO Aviation MOSA Booth # 3014.

CoreAVI has also worked with other key partners displaying core technologies at AAAA. Protologic EDS, Inc will be presenting a demonstration on their Open Platform Display Processor Hardware which combines CoreAVI’s VkCore® SC driver platforms, DDC-I’s Deos RTOS, Ansys’ ARINC 661 solution, and ENSCO’s IData® tool suite running on NXP’s i.MX 8 SoC. The DO-254 / DO-178C DAL A certifiable avionics display system will be presented at GE Aerospace’s booth # 574.

“We are excited about the broad range of applications using our products on display at the Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit,” said Dan Joncas, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at CoreAVI. “It is fundamental for CoreAVI to enable our partners with accelerated GPU compute and graphics solutions that offer DO-178C DAL A certifiability, interoperability and performance-power scalability across a broad range of platforms.”

“We’re pleased to be working with CoreAVI to provide a FACE-conformant, safety-critical, multicore RTOS environment for their Vulkan-based libraries,” said Greg Rose, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at DDC-I. “Deos systems running CoreAVI provide a versatile, high-performance platform for accelerating the development, deployment and certification of i.MX 8 safety-critical applications requiring data fusion, sense/detect, synthetic vision, graphics and other advanced control functionality.”

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CoreAVI is the global leader in architecting and delivering safety critical graphics and compute software drivers and libraries, embedded ‘system on chip’ and discrete graphics processor components, and certifiable platform hardware IP. CoreAVI’s comprehensive software suite enables development and deployment of complete safety critical solutions for automotive, industrial and aerospace applications requiring certification to the highest integrity levels coupled with full lifecycle support. CoreAVI’s solutions support both graphics and compute applications including safe autonomy, machine vision and AI in the automotive, unmanned vehicle and industrial IoT markets, as well as commercial and military avionics systems.

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