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CoreAVI Releases the Industry’s First OpenGL SC 2.0 Suite of Graphics Drivers

Available with complete DO-178C Level A safety certification evidence, CoreAVI delivers the first ever OpenGL SC 2.0 graphics drivers. On display at the Aviation Electronics Conference in Munich (April 20-21, 2016), CoreAVI demonstrates its OpenGL SC 2.0 graphics drivers running on Curtiss-Wright’s rugged VPX3-133 SBC (NXP T2080) and VPX3-716 (AMD Radeon E8860 GPU) graphics module executing VxWorks RTOS and Presagis’ VAPS XT HMI graphics development tool. 

Munich, Germany. Aviation Electronics Europe, April 20, 2016. Core Avionics & Industrial Inc (“CoreAVI”) announced today the immediate availability of the industry’s first OpenGL SC 2.0 graphics driver. CoreAVI’s new product announcement coincides with the Khronos Group’s official release of the OpenGL SC 2.0 API specification that is developed specifically to address the unique and stringent safety requirements of high reliability display system markets, including avionics DO-178C and automotive ISO 26262 safety standards.

CoreAVI is a member of Khronos and is an active contributor in the safety critical working group tasked with the development of new safety critical graphics and compute API standards. The OpenGL SC 2.0 definition is the successful result of lengthy research and collaboration amongst members of Khronos’s safety critical working group. Building on the large number of worldwide customer deployments and successful avionics certifications using CoreAVI’s OpenGL SC 1.x drivers, CoreAVI’s new OpenGL SC 2.0 drivers allows their customers to take greater advantage of the performance gains by utilizing modern graphics processor shader engines while still maintaining the ability to achieve the highest levels of safety certification.

CoreAVI’s OpenGL SC 2.0 drivers support AMD, ARM, NXP and Intel processor families and are designed to facilitate graphics subsystems running on multiple virtualized guest operating systems, secure partitions and multicore platforms. CoreAVI’s new OpenGL SC 2.0 driver suite is an important addition to its existing portfolio of products that includes its range of OpenGL ES/SC driver variants, video encode and decode drivers, GPU software safety monitors, DO-178C and DO-254 certification packages, temperature screened GPUs and 20 year component supply programs.

“CoreAVI’s latest OpenGL SC 2.0 product milestone is another example of CoreAVI delivering world class technology to those using AMD processors in the avionics and high reliability markets,” said Stephen Turnbull, director of embedded vertical segments, AMD. “CoreAVI continues to be a valuable technical partner to support our avionics customers that require graphics and video on embedded safety-critical platforms.”

“CoreAVI is VeriSilicon’s trusted partner to enable our Vivante graphics IP to act in high reliability and safety critical roles” says David Jarmon, Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development, “VeriSilicon recognizes that CoreAVI’s investments in the development of its latest safety certifiable OpenGL SC 2.0 libraries is a major milestone that further empowers the avionics and automotive electronics manufacturers with a solution that is both high performance and safety certifiable achieving the required deterministic behaviors that significantly lowers overall risk for the user. CoreAVI’s OpenGL SC 2.0 libraries represent a watershed moment in the embedded GPU industry’s history – by bringing such a high standard of safety and determinism to the embedded GPU space that before now was extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.”

“CoreAVI and Khronos’ safety critical working group members have successfully developed and released the new OpenGL SC 2.0 API specification,” said Neil Trevett, president of the Khronos Group and vice president at NVIDIA. “Khronos is pleased that CoreAVI, a key member of Khronos’ safety critical working group, has taken the initiative to develop and release the first OpenGL SC 2.0 driver into the market.”

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Core Avionics & Industrial Inc. (“CoreAVI”), a Channel One company, provides “program ready” embedded graphics and video processors and advanced graphics solutions to mil-aero and high reliability embedded systems manufacturers. CoreAVI’s products include 20+ year component supply management, temperature-screened versions of the AMD Radeon™ graphics processors and embedded graphics and video driver support for real-time operating systems and safety critical platforms. CoreAVI’s program support includes complete RTCA DO-178C / EUROCAE ED-12C Level A safety critical certification evidence for safety critical environments.
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