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CES adopts CoreAVI’s TrueCore software GPU monitor


The VGP-2870 will be on demonstration in Munich Germany at Aviation Electronics Europe in CES booth #G1. 


Aviation Electronics Europe, Munich, Germany, April 20th, 2016 – Creative Electronic Systems (CES) announces the adoption of CoreAVI’s TrueCore technology, in the scope of its strategic partnership with CoreAVI. CES is currently integrating CoreAVI’s software GPU monitor, TrueCore, on its rugged GPU board: the VGP-2870. The integration of TrueCore on the VGP-2870 provides CES customers with a path to DAL-B certification (DO-254 / DO-178) for safety-critical video applications.

Initially designed to comply with DAL-C, the VGP-2870 is a very powerful video processor board for system engineers and program managers looking to reduce cost, risk and development cycle of airborne display applications.

“The increasing demand for higher Design Assurance Level in airborne display applications has led us to consider modifications of the actual VGP-2870. These modifications will allow for the Off-The-Shelf compliance of our product with DAL-B.” says Yves Mathys COO, CES.
The enhanced feature set of the VGP-2870 addresses the guidelines provided by EASA memorandum (Europe) and CAST (USA) position paper (CAST-29) for the usage of COTS graphical processor in airborne display applications, specially addressing Hazardously Misleading Information (HMI) concerns.

The safety enhancement of the VGP-2870 is performed in tight collaboration with CoreAVI whose GPU software monitor IP, TrueCore, plays a key role in the establishment of certification evidences for high Design Assurance Levels.

“CES is a leader in Safety-Certifiable COTS modules and in rugged electronics in general. They have been a long term partner and we have always supported them with the integration of our technology into their products“ says Lee Melatti, Managing Director at CoreAVI . “The adoption of TrueCore by CES continues this tight collaboration.”
The VGP-2870 is part of CES growing portfolio of safety certifiable COTS items which includes XMC processors, an I/O board with a comprehensive avionic I/O set as well as a modular packaged COTS system.

About CES

CES is a global company designing and manufacturing rugged embedded computers engineered to meet the most demanding performance needs for optimal Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) considerations. Our Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products are made to withstand the extremes of temperature, shock and vibration associated with deployment in Aerospace & Defense as well as Rugged Industrial markets. The ability to deliver safety-certifiable products at the board or system level makes CES a unique partner for your next program whether supporting mission-critical or safety-critical functions.

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