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Boeing selects CoreAVI solutions to harness the high performance capabilities of AMD embedded Radeon™ graphics processors to be used in next generation advanced cockpit display systems

Boeing is the latest major avionics system manufacturer to take advantage of CoreAVI multi-platform, multi-program licensing and long term support that enables customers to maximize their investment in deploying GPU technologies. 

Tampa, Florida, U.S. May 12, 2014. The Boeing Company has selected the combined graphics technologies from AMD (NYSE:AMD) and Core Avionics & Industrial (CoreAVI) to enable next generation high performance avionics cockpit display systems. Boeing, the world leader in aircraft technology development, is utilizing the leading edge capabilities of AMD embedded Radeon™ graphics processing units (GPUs) and CoreAVI’s highly efficient embedded and safety critical drivers to enhance visual effects designed to increase situational awareness, safety and aircraft effectiveness. The state-of-the-art AMD graphics processing technologies are supported on real time operating systems and safety critical platforms by CoreAVI with OpenGL drivers and complete DO-178C certification artifacts.

The high-performance AMD embedded Radeon™ GPUs and SoCs offer highly scalable power-performance configurations to address a wide range of mil-aero display requirements ranging from primary flight displays, photo realistic synthetic vision, and advanced video surveillance to lower-powered electronic flight bags, enhanced 2D and moving map applications. Used extensively in a variety of embedded and safety critical platforms worldwide, AMD and CoreAVI’s combined graphics products enable system manufacturers to deliver the full capabilities of mission critical visual systems, including graphics processors with up to 2 GB of integrated video memory, multi-independent three dimensional display outputs, and H.264/MPEG2 Universal Video Decoders.

“The continued implementation of AMD embedded solutions from Boeing is a validated success for AMD and CoreAVI that serves to solidify the long term research and production support available to Boeing and their suppliers,” said Scott Aylor, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Embedded Division at AMD. “We are pleased to power Boeing’s advanced avionics display programs with our embedded GPU technology.”
“CoreAVI is delighted to support Boeing with their next generation mission critical avionics display systems. CoreAVI’s upfront investment into software drivers, certification support and long term supply programs have enabled our customers with both increased flexibility and reduced development costs for larger mil-aero manufacturers that are attempting to maximize investment across different platforms and programs” says Lee Melatti, CEO at CoreAVI.

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Core Avionics & Industrial Inc.

About Core Avionics & Industrial Inc.

Core Avionics & Industrial Inc. (“CoreAVI”), a Channel One company, provides “program ready” embedded graphics and video processors and advanced graphics solutions to mil-aero and high reliability embedded systems manufacturers. CoreAVI’s products include 20+ year component supply management, temperature-screened versions of the AMD Radeon™ graphics processors and embedded graphics driver support for real time operating systems and safety critical platforms. CoreAVI’s program support includes complete RTCA DO-178C / EUROCAE ED-12C Level A safety critical certification evidence for safety critical environments.

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